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Instagram Tag: #discoverRedfern
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Redfern. Controversial & captivating

Only 3km from Sydney’s CBD yet a whole word away. Redfern is the city’s heart and soul with amazingly vibrant community, buzzing local artizans & indigenous culture.

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Let’s get social!

We’re human, just like you! That’s why we keep our group sizes small. Our Redfern walking experience is fun, friendly where you’re sure to connect with other awesome like-minded folk. Plus it means our fabulous guides can personally ensure you have an amazing day!

Experience local life. Meet local heroes.

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Experiences to remember

  • “Whenever I travel, I personally enjoy walking to explore and to get a feel of the city. I enjoyed the little surprises and experience I got from South of the Border.” – Ysa, Manila

  • “An authentic experience that would give you a glimpse of Redfern’s past, present and future. I would highly recommend this to locals and travelers alike that would like to experience real people and real stories.” – Andrew, Sydney

  • “As a local, this tour has made me realise how much of a tourist I am in my own city. Sydney is more than just a pretty city, it has character. If you’ve seen the Harbour Bridge, Opera House and Bondi Beach, I reckon its now time to experience Redfern.” – Emil, Manila

  • “Not only did I gain added knowledge about one of Sydney’s hidden gems, but I also discovered a new vantage point to appreciate Sydney’s awesome skyline.” – Grace, Birmingham

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Book a tour South of the Border!

Join our Redfern tour to experience Sydney off the beaten track. Here are the details. Don’t miss out!

  • 3 hour walking tour in the amazing suburb of Redfern
  • Guided by Elda
  • Fun, social experience
  • Small groups of up to 12
  • Easy local meeting point
  • Operating once per week only to avoid negative community impact
  • Book now to avoid disappointment
  • Tickets $75

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